Preparation for the II Forum of Governors of the central region

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The Governor of Tete, Domingos Viola, held last Friday (May 6), in the Sessions Room of the Provincial Executive Council, a preparation meeting for the II Forum of the Central Region Governors (Tete, Manica, Sofala and Zambézia), which will take place from the 19th to the 21st of May, in the town of Songo, Cahora Bassa District.

The meeting, which brought together several representatives of the government, the private sector and other non-governmental organizations, had the objective of disseminating information about the event, as well as harmonizing some internal organizational aspects, to recommend for an active representation of the Province, aiming at establishing partnerships that may contribute for the economic and social development of this region, which includes the Zambezi Valley.

Speaking on the occasion, Domingos Viola, referred that the regional forum appears as an opportunity for local businessmen to sell their products and services as well as to explore opportunities to establish partnerships with businessmen from other provinces.

“Our (Tete) businessmen need to be more aggressive in selling their products and services” – appealed the leader, referring to the fact that the province hosts representatives from Manica, Sofala and Zambézia, besides other national and international organizations.

During the three days of the event, business meetings (B2B), regional conference, and visits along the Cahora Bassa dam are foreseen.

It should be noted that the II Forum of Governors of the Central Region of the country will have the support of the Zambezi Agency, an entity created by the Central Government with the mission of coordinating the promotion of initiatives that contribute to the dynamization of socio-economic development of the Zambezi Valley region and contribute to the rapid growth of the country.