Geographical Scope

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Geographical Scope

The Zambezi Valley covers an area of 225,000 km2 and has a vast coastal strip (about 400 km) that extends from the southern end of Muanza District to the northern end of Mocubela District.

The Zambezi Valley covers 67% of the total area (334,227 km2) of the Provinces of Tete (100%), Zambézia (55%), Manica (43%) and Sofala (60%). If the Zambezi Valley were a country, it would occupy the 85th place in territory in the world, that is, it is larger than Senegal (196,722 km2), Bangladesh (147,570 km2) and Malawi (118,484 km2), twice as large as Korea South (100,210 km2), five times larger than Switzerland (41,284 km2), Netherlands (41,850 km2) and Denmark (43,094 km2). It has an approximate surface area to the island of Great Britain (228,848 km2).

Zambezi Valley Districts

The districts that comprise the Zambezi Valley are as follows:

  • Tete Province: Angónia, Cahora Bassa, Changara, Chifunde, Chiúta, Tete City, Dôa, Mágoe, Macanga, Marara, Maravia, Moatize, Mutarara, Tsangano and Zumbo.
  • Zambezia Province: Chinde, Quelimane City, Derre, Inhassunge, Luabo, Maganja da Costa, Mopeia, Milange, Mocuba, Mocubela, Molumbo, Morrumbala, Namacurra and Nicoadala.
  • Sofala Province: Caia, Chemba, Cheringoma, Gorongosa, Marínguè, Marromeu and Muanza.
  • Manica Province: Báruè, Guro, Macossa and Tambara.