ADIN PCA receives mission from Zambezi Agency

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A mission from the Zambezi Agency, touring the northern provinces, in the context of the Presentation and Socialization of Portfolio Managers of the Catalytic Fund, was received on Monday morning by the President of the Board of Directors (PCA) of the Agency of Northern Integrated Development (ADIN), Prof. Armindo Ngunga.

On the occasion, the Interim Coordinator of the Catalytic Fund, Eng. Gerson Nunes, after thanking the availability of the ADIN PCA for that meeting, presented, in detail, the purpose of the mission, having also made a description of the sub-projects under implementation in the Nacala Corridor.

With great interest in the explanation, the ADIN PCA asked some questions to better understand the history of the sub-projects, as well as the challenges that they still faced. Next, Armindo Ngunga expressed his appreciation for the affection and support of the Zambezi Agency towards ADIN, expressing the willingness of the two agencies to work in a coordinated manner.

During the meeting, it was confirmed the holding of a meeting, scheduled for the 13th, in Nampula, between the Director General of the Zambezi Agency and the ADIN PCA, to, among other things, present the ongoing and portfolio projects, with the intervention of the Zambezi Agency, in the area of ​​action of ADIN. At the scheduled meeting between the helmsmen of the two development institutions, a Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies should be signed.