1st Launch of the Lichia Marketing Campaign by the Governor of Manica

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The Governor of the Province of Manica, Francisca Domingos Tomás, directed yesterday (15 November), in the District of Báruè, in the Province of Manica, the 1st Launch of the Lichia Marketing Campaign.

Speaking on the occasion, the leader highlighted the lychee as one of the crops with the highest yield, which, in some way, could position the Province of Manica to the status of one of the largest producers and exporters of this fruit.

The lychee production chain, in Manica, had an investment of around USD 1 200 000 (one million two hundred thousand US dollars) from the Catalytic Fund for Innovation and Demonstration (FCID), an initiative of the Government of Mozambique, through of the Zambezi Valley Development Agency with resources from the World Bank,

The amount was intended to improve the business connection between the largest cooperative of Fruit Growers of Báruè and Westfalia, a private initiative, based on the establishment of an irrigation system to benefit 200 producers, irrigating 100 hectares; establishment of a refrigeration system for the preservation of fruit; acquisition of a lychee bark treatment machine; irrigation management training and certification in Global and Local Gap; and establishing a revolving fertilizer fund.

The Province of Manica expects, in the current marketing year of the lychee, to export around 300 tonnes, against 151 tonnes in 2020. Under the motto “lychee Manica, Traditional, Unique and Promoter of Agribusiness”, the ceremony to launch the lychee marketing campaign was organized by the Provincial Directorate of Industry and Commerce, in coordination with the Vale de Development Agency Zambezi (Zambezi Agency), and various actors in the chain of this culture.