Zambezi Agency delivered 5500 chicks and ration to Aviário Paula

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The Zambezi Agency proceeded today, in Tete City, to deliver five thousand and five hundred chicks and feed to Aviário Paula, a private company dedicated to the production and commercialization of broiler chicken. 

This initiative is part of the actions of Zambezi Agency to leverage the business sector severely affected by Tropical Storm (cyclone) Ana that hit the city of Tete last January.

According to the company representative, the cyclone caused the death of about 60 thousand chicks in the eleven pavilions.

Speaking on the occasion, after visiting the facilities, Roberto Albino referred that the contribution of the Zambezi Agency aims to give an impulse in the reposition of the production capacity of that unit.

“With the actions that we have been developing in the poultry sector, we are hopeful that, in a short term, we will raise the current scale of production to industrial levels and with that reduce imports” – clarified the General Director of the Zambezi Agency.

Roberto Albino also encouraged the Management of Aviário Paula to promote inclusive models of production, creating partnerships with other breeders, organized in cooperatives and associations, to access financing lines made available by the Zambezi Agency and its partners.

“I am very happy to see that the feed you are using is produced by a beneficiary of a project that we (Zambezi Agency) finance through the Catalytic Fund. For this we have to bet in integrated industrial projects stimulating the economic dynamics to flow”- explained Albino.

The manager of the poultry farm, Fátima Fernandes, thanked the gesture, stressing that this help encourages production.

“I only have to thank you. You may think it is a small help, but know that it is very big.  For, besides stimulating production, it comforts us to know that we are not alone and that is very important”