Training of 40 operators of agricultural machinery (tractors and implements) in Tete

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A training of 40 agricultural machinery operators (tractors and implements) from Tete Province took place recently at the premises of the Civic Services of Mozambique (SCM) in Tete City.

This is an initiative promoted by Zambezi Agency as part of the implementation of the Zambezi Valley Agricultural Mechanization Program (PROMAG) in order to prepare the upcoming agricultural mechanization campaign, according to Adamuge Cebola, coordinator of PROMAG.

In total, the training is expected to benefit about 200 agricultural machinery operators, through training sessions at the level of Tete, Manica, Sofala and Zambezia Provinces.

“The objective is to recycle the old operators, including the training of new operators that will ensure the operationalization of agricultural equipment, with immediate impacts on the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of soil preparation services and other mechanized operations for the increase of agricultural production and productivity”- explained Cebola.

The PROMAG coordinator also highlighted the integration of the Civic Services of Mozambique in this process, in light of the memorandum of understanding signed between the institutions in 2020 aimed at promoting and strengthening economic activities of the productive units and professional training centers.

” This memorandum, with the SCM, has already allowed the strengthening of production and irrigation capacity through the allocation of 03 tractors, 03 ploughs, 03 harrow, 03 embankments, 01 irrigation system for 02 hectares, revitalization of a water hole including the training of 09 operators for the production units of Chingodzi (Tete city), Tsangano and Angónia (Domue), in an investment of around 9 million Meticais”- concluded the Program Coordinator.