The Vice Minister of Land, visits Palvilhão do Vale do Zambeze (FACIM)

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Fernando Bemane de Sousa, defended the need to reinforce the articulation between the Ministry of Land and Environment (MITA) and Zambezi Agency for a better coordination and accompaniment of the activities in the domain of territorial planning in the Zambezi Valley.

The Vice Minister of Land and Environment spoke yesterday during a visit to the Zambezi Valley Land Planning Stand, as part of the visit to the Zambezi Valley Pavilion.

On the occasion, the Head of Strategic Studies Department, at the Zambezi Agency, Eduardo Mucavele, explained to the MITA Vice Minister that a meeting is being organized for the harmonization of the activities plan and budget for the operationalization of the Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Planning Plan (PEOT).

Mucavele explained that this activity involves central level institutions and the decentralised provincial governments of the provinces covered by the Zambezi Valley (Tete, Manica, Sofala and Zambézia).

“The product is a report on the state of Spatial Planning in the Zambezi Valley to be submitted to Parliament,” said the Strategic Studies Department.

The Zambezi Agency staff highlighted some activities promoted by the institution to the district governments, namely, support in the demarcation of land parcels, opening of streets, capacity building in the implementation of land planning.

It should be noted that the Zambezi Agency, in its mandate, has the challenge of assisting local governments in incorporating the components of planning and land management and local socio-economic development.