Social gathering for the elderly

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The Zambezi Agency organized today, at the “Centro de Acolhimento à Velhice Rainha da Paz”, in Tete City, a social gathering for the elderly.

According to the Director of Human Resources Services, Albertina Nhavoto, the initiative is part of the celebration of the International Day of the Elderly, commemorated on October 1st.

Nhavoto referred that the effort of the Zambezi Agency aims at sending the message that “We Are Together”.

The Director of Human Resources Services, at the Zambezi Agency, highlighted “the need to reflect on the changes needed to promote healthy aging, from the need to seek environments adapted to the elderly free of physical and social barriers; combat age discrimination; ensure access to essential health services of good quality; and offer rehabilitation resources when they are needed.

Albertina Nhavoto sensitized to an ” attitude of respect to the elderly person, source of wisdom and inspiration, ensuring them the enjoyment of their right.

“We also invite the elderly to give their unconditional contribution to the education of new generations by transmitting them values of respect for others, tolerance, solidarity and patriotism as indispensable conditions for the promotion of peace and development of the country” – she appealed.

The event was attended by the spouse of the Secretary of State in the Province, staff of the Provincial Service of Social Affairs, the Zambezi Agency, among others.

The commemorations of the International Day of the Elderly in Mozambique were marked under the theme “Let us value the contribution of the elderly to social resilience”.