Manica Province Will Export 400 Tons of Lychee

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The private sector in Manica province will export to the European market more than four hundred tons of lychee.

The Governor of Manica, Francisca Tomas

said in Sussundenga, at the launch of the lychee marketing campaign, that the challenge of the Provincial Executive Council is to empower and assist producers of this fruit, in order to increase production and productivity.

According to the leader, the intention is to gain prominence, giving the province the status of one of the largest producers and exporters of this fruit.

Francisca Tomas defended the need to continue to focus attention on the promotion of seedling production and on the promotion of the family sector, as well as on technical assistance in order to obtain large quantities and quality of lychee.

The Governor challenged the development companies and institutions linked to agricultural research for the need to introduce new varieties as well as the expansion of production to other districts with favorable agro-ecological conditions.

It should be noted that the Zambezi Agency, through the Catalytic Fund for Innovation and Demonstration, supported technical and financial initiatives aimed at increasing the production, processing and marketing of lychee in this province.