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At least three (3) districts of Tete Province will be able to count on new neighborhoods properly organized to give way to safe and resilient human settlements.

The initiative is part of the operationalization of one of the Zambezi Agency’s mandates to support local governments in the incorporation of planning, land management and socioeconomic development components.

In total, 2433 plots were demarcated, being 850 in the Administrative Post of Kambulatsitsi, in the District of Moatize; 785 in the Locality of Daque, Administrative Post of M’Phende, District of Magoe and 798 in the Locality of Nhabando, in Chitima, District of Cahora Bassa.

For this purpose, three contracts were signed, from January 25-27, for the opening of 48Km of access roads (16km for each location) to facilitate the circulation in the new settled areas and in an orderly way.

In the Administrative Post of Kambulatsitsi, where 850 plots were demarcated, it is expected that the detailed plan (PP) can benefit about 680 families, besides the creation of approximately 170 diverse services.

The Administrator of the District of Moatize, Eugénio Muchanga, referred that there are already actions in order to sensitize the populations to occupy the plots.

“It’s in our interest” – he said, explaining that “we are working with the community leaders to avoid the disorderly occupation and we are sensitizing the population to occupy the plots”.

The position of the Administrator of Moatize was corroborated by the head of the Post, Carlos Alficha, assuring about “10 requests for occupation of plots”.

In the Administrative Post of M’Phende, the Daque PP has 785 plots where it is expected that it can serve about 670 families and to provide various services.

The Government’s challenge, according to the District Administrator, focuses on the expansion of the water supply system and electrification.

“The population showed a lot of enthusiasm” said Titos Sitoe, underlining the strategy of betting in the implantation of basic social services to attract adhesion.

“It is an area that can count on great infrastructures. We believe that it will attract people” – concluded the Administrator.

About the Nhabando PP, in Cahora Bassa, the Permanent Secretary of the District, Brígida Daniel, is expectant of the results of the support of the Zambezi Agency.

“It is a cause very much ours. We are going to benefit from the work that the Zambezi Agency will make available to us” – said Brígida Daniel.

It should be noted that, according to the Head of the Department of Physical Planning, in the Services of Studies and Strategic Analysis at the Zambezi Agency, Marcela Tamele, the objective, in the implementation of the Detailed Plans, goes through the demarcation of plots, opening of streets, installation of water supply and electricity systems. 

“The governments must ensure the maintenance of these infrastructures” – challenged Marcela Tamele.

The signing of the deeds of approval for the opening of the streets involved representatives of the Zambezi Agency, José Cardoso, Director of the Services of Studies and Strategic Analysis (Moatize) and Nuno Pinto Novo (Cahora Bassa and Magoe); representatives of the district governments and of the entities contracted for this purpose.