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Natural Resources

The Zambezi Valley’s most precious and strategically important resource is water. It has one of the largest freshwater reserves on the African continent covering an area of 2,660 km2 (270 km long and 30 km wide) with 52 million m3 of fresh water, representing 9.5% of the surface of Lake Niassa which it is the third largest freshwater reserve on the African continent.

It has an abundance and diversity of natural resources:

  • Water – 52% of the country’s water resources;
  • Soils – 22 million hectares,
  • 62.5% of about 36 million hectares of arable land in Mozambique;
  • 2 million hectares with silvicultural, pastoral and forestry, fauna, flora and biodiversity potential;
  • Largest reserves of high quality coking coal and iron.