Governor of Zambezia at the Zambezi Valley Pavilion FACIM

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For the Governor of Zambezia, the approach of Zambezi Agency at FACIM promotes the industrialization of Mozambique.

Pio Matos made this statement after visiting the Zambezi Valley Pavilion during the 57th edition of FACIM, which is being held in Marracuene, Maputo Province.

According to the Zambezia Governor, the (central) Government created the Zambezi Agency with the purpose of “together with the communities, together with the local governments create these dynamics increasing policies and, above all, injecting technologies to promote the development”.

“This institution is of an evolving character, it is here with proof that everything it is doing is for the good of the communities of the central region and beyond,” he continued.

“What we came to observe are the signs and the result of the investments made by the Zambezi Agency”- said Pio Matos.

“I think that, in the policy of this fair (FACIM), Industrialize Mozambique, the Zambezi Agency has a very important role”, he said, justifying that “not only for the experiences, but with a strategic vision to create a development through industrialize, transform” – referred the leader.