Delivery of seven more than harvesters

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The Zambezi Agency has carried out today (September 20th), the delivery of seven more rice harvesters, 15 tractors and the respective agricultural implements, in Nicoadala district, Zambezia province,
This initiative is framed in the operationalization of the Zambezi Valley Agricultural Mechanization Program (PROMAG) with the objective to stimulate the rice chain and other priority crops produced by the producers.
The equipment allocated to Zambezia province, join those recently distributed in Sofala province, totaling 12 harvesters, 24 75hp tractors and 06 110hp tractors, suitable for land preparation for rice production, with their respective implements, in an estimated investment of about 160 million meticais.
According to the Zambezi Agency Delegate in Zambezia Province, Alves Vicente, the equipment aims to “ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in soil preparation and provision of other services in the main rice production centers with a view to increasing production and productivity and reducing crop losses.
For the Administrator of Nicoadala District, Adelina Tiroso, the agricultural machinery will be able to boost the production and productivity of rice and its chain in general. “We will have more ways to produce, process, and our bet is to sell more,” said the administrator.
The representative of the Zambezia Province Government, Rafique Rassul, mentioned that the equipment will be able to reduce the use of labor by using a short-handled hoe. “They will start using mechanization and this will significantly help our producers.